Your Downtown Woolley Brokerage

Here At Mainstay Realty

We adore our buyers and strive to save you money without compromise.
We provide full real estate brokerage services
for a reasonable flat fee, with oversight from an experienced real estate attorney.
In turn, you get a knowledgeable, conscientious and determined team
to support you through the home buying process.

What You Can Expect From Us

Mainstay brokers are involved in the entire buying process, from start to finish. We attend all inspections and
appraisals, diligently research your property, and help finalize loose ends for closing. We seek to know as much as possible
about the property you are buying, so we can guide you through unforeseen circumstances.

How Does Flat Fee Commission Work?

Hire Us

We’re pretty sure you’ll love us, but meet with us first to make sure we’re a good fit

Find A Match

We will work diligently to find your next home—think of us as your housing matchmaker


It's hard to know what questions to ask—we help you avoid surprises after the deal closes

Close the Deal

We love team work—we work with lenders, title and escrow to close in a timely manner

Save Money

Buyers earn a rebate for difference between our flat fee and seller-paid commission