Home Search Apps

You may notice that our website does not have a “search” tool. This is deliberate. There are sooooo many home search “apps” on the market that it didn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel, with a search function that (in all honesty) would probably be an inferior product. When choosing an app, though, it’s important to understand that they are not all comparable.

My go-to home search app is Redfin(R).

(And no, I am not a “Local Redfin Agent” and receive no compensation or other benefits for mentioning them on my website. I doubt they even know.) I keep straying away to try different apps, and I keep returning to it. Why? In my experience, it has the most accurate and up-to-date information, all while remaining user-friendly.

I also use (and like) the Northwest MLS-integrated HomeSpotter app, but I think the interface is better for real estate brokers than home buyers. I’d love to get your feedback on that though, because the information on HomeSpotter is also very accurate (at least in our local area). I’d like to be able to use it more.

Other apps and search sites may have unique features or “gimmicks”, but they usually come at a trade-off. At the moment, my absolute least favorites are the Zillow Group(R) brands, including both Zillow and Trulia. These sites cater to the mega-real estate firms and markets, and even then the information often seems out-of-date. And, in my opinion, the value of the “Zestimate” feature to buyers (or sellers) is arguable at best.

A lot of local brokers are starting to use Homesnap (it’s been pretty heavily marketed), but I’ve similarly found that the listing information can be inaccurate. I finally removed it from my phone to avoid the temptation of using it.

Bottom line: Home Search Apps are not all alike. Do your homework, check the “review” pages, and—if you’re still unsure—you’re welcome to call for our opinion (since clearly we have some…).