Woolley Kids

I am honored to be able to raise my children in Sedro-Woolley. In addition to great schools (with an emphasis on STEM), we have fun things to do in all four seasons, and our town takes great pride in its community parades and events.

In no particular order, here is some of the (100% free) fun to be had in Woolley:

  1. Zipline at Riverfront Park
  2. Frisbee golf at Northern State Park
  3. Skateboard at Sedro-Woolley Skatepark
  4. Splash at the (coming soon) Memorial Park spray park
  5. Swim at Clear Lake Beach
  6. Hike at the Northern State Recreation Area
  7. Bike on the Cascade Trail
  8. Drive up and down State Street in anticipation of the NEW LIBRARY (not kidding, this is one of my kids’ favorite new things to do … monitor the construction at the library)
  9. Listen to music at Riverfront Park (warning: this recommendation also shows up on our Woolley Music page)
  10. Trick-or-treat in the Halloween Kiddie Parade (this is ridiculously popular—you won’t believe how many kids and parents there are!)
  11. Ride ponies at the Sedro-Whoolleyville Holiday Whobilation (watch out for the Grinch!)
  12. Chainsaw carving at the Loggerodeo Festival (seriously, just have them watch. Children shouldn’t operate chainsaws.)

Did I mention that all these activities are free?

If by chance you’re also interested in education, Sedro-Woolley has five elementary schools:

  • Central Elementary serves downtown Woolley in a beautiful brick building (and historical landmark).
  • Mary Purcell Elementary, also in downtown Woolley, was recognized as a 2018 School of Distinction by the Center of Educational Effectiveness.
  • Evergreen Elementary is the District’s first STEM Lab School.
  • Clear Lake Elementary was recognized as a 2017 School of Distinction for its continuous improvement in students’ math and reading achievement.
  • Samish Elementary is the smallest of Sedro-Woolley’s elementary schools, serving fewer than 200 students.

To determine which school your child would attend, you need to call the School District and provide them with your home’s address. (Seriously, don’t bother searching, they do not yet have an online search tool.)

All Sedro-Woolley students then attend Cascade Middle School and Sedro-Woolley High School. Students also have access to Good Beginnings Preschool Program, which provides extra support to families with children ages 0-5, and State Street High School, for students who thrive in a smaller learning community.

If you have questions, or think we missed anything, please let us know!