Woolley Shops

We’re food and drink junkies around here, so that’s where we’re going to start. (I know, these aren’t really “shops,” but work with me. I didn’t have room for “shops and food and drinks” in the title.) Anyway, here are some of our personal favorites in the food and drink category (in only a slight ranking order):

  1. The Woolley Market. This is our one-stop shop for groceries, coffee, gourmet sandwiches, homemade soups and salads, and—wait for it—the self-serve beer (and wine and cider) Tap Wall. That’s right, the same Tap Wall featured on Seattle’s King 5 News. Skagit County’s first and only. If you want the full experience, come and check it out on a live music night.
  2. Local 20 Taproom. Great selection of beer, wine and cider (cider connoisseurs: don’t forget to look in the cooler), plus live music and the best outdoor seating in town. They don’t serve food, but the food trucks make an occasional appearance, and Coconut Kenny’s (see lower down the list) will even deliver pizza right to your table.
  3. Primal Coffee. We finally (!!) have a dedicated coffee shop with fantastic coffee and its own seating. It’s super cute inside too.
  4. Iron Mountain Bar & Bistro. You need to come see what they’ve done with this place. Great menu and drinks!
  5. Liberty Bistro. New menu, and they cater too!
  6. Magnolia Grill. Your place for gourmet comfort food.
  7. Hal’s Drive-In. Classic 1950s drive-in with, in my opinion, the absolute best service in town.
  8. Little Thailand. Yep, we have amazing Thai food (and sushi) too. Be sure to try the pineapple fried rice.
  9. Mestizo. This is my family’s go-to spot for Mexican food.
  10. Coconut Kenny’s. I lived here a full year before I realized this was a pizza place. Now I’m not sure what I’d do without it. If you are gluten free, you must must must try their crust. For a pizza place, their nachos are also surprisingly delicious.
  11. Sedro-Woolley Farmer’s Market. If it’s a Wednesday (and not the dead of winter), this is where you’ll find people. Oh yeah, and an amazing selection of local fruit, veggies, meat, eggs, honey, and crafts.

And now for the “shopping” shops:

  1. Restless and Refurbished. One of my favorite spots to wander through. Find refurbished furniture and all sorts of decorations and fun stuff for your new home.
  2. Bottorff’s and Company. Need to buy someone (or yourself) a gift? Want a unique piece for your new kitchen or bar? Here’s your spot.
  3. Shelley’s Shack. Funky junk and fashion. Their words, not mine, but it suits them! Another fun spot to browse.
  4. Olive-Hammer Clothes Shop. Best spot in town for outdoor wear and other warm and cozy stuff.
  5. Northwest Mountain Shop. After loading up on clothes at Olive-Hammer, this is where to head for your technical gear.