Woolley Work

Sedro-Woolley has jobs (see below), but it also has an aura of entrepreneurship. Woolley has lots of small business and is very supportive of them. Whether you’re looking for a job, coming to Woolley for a job (congrats!), or thinking about bringing your job with you, there’s room for you in Woolley.

First things first, here’s a list of major employers in the area:

  1. Sedron Technologies (formerly Janicki Bioenergy). To say that these folks are making exciting things happen is a profound understatement. They are out to change the world.
  2. Sedro-Woolley Innovation for Tomorrow (SWIFT) Center. This adaptive re-use of the Northern State Hospital campus will house some of Sedron Technologies’ research and development activities, but is also encouraging compatible private sector industries. Follow the project as it unfolds in the coming year(s).
  3. PeaceHealth United General. I don’t have details on hand, but I understand the Sedro-Woolley campus of PeaceHealth is also anticipating a lot of exciting changes.

And if you are bringing your work or business with you:

  • Downtown Sedro-Woolley is eagerly awaiting a new shared workspace hub at Skagit Connection Hub. Access “hot desks” with fiber optic internet, conference rooms, and more.
  • Do you dream of working above your own shop? Abbott’s Alley has live-work lofts with ADA-accessible ground level commercial space, right across the street from City Hall.
  • Woolley has an extremely active and supportive Chamber of Commerce, as well as a new Downtown Association.

Did I mention Woolley’s own highly professional, full color, widely delivered (and read) CityScene magazine? Great place to advertise your business and stay on top of local happenings.